It's simple - a team of highly respected and experienced lawyers has spent more than four years meticulously drafting, checking and re-checking our database of dynamic contracts. Unlike most similar websites, we're not offering you a standard form template - you're getting carefully crafted agreements backed by a wealth of legal expertise and professionalism. This means that you can use our contracts with absolute peace of mind.

We don't believe in charging people for something they’re not happy with. If your contract contains any errors caused by our website, we will fix the problem immediately or refund your money in full. Just use our “CONTACT US” page to  email us the details of your concern and we’ll sort out the problem for you. Please email us within 3 days of purchase so that we can be sure all of your information is still available to us.

Our website and your information are protected by the highest level of industry-leading security currently available. Refer to our PRIVACY & SECURITY page for full details of our security measures.

We’ll send you your contract in PDF format. The team of legal professionals behind our website have given meticulous attention to every clause and detail of the contract delivered to you.

Even minor changes to the completed contract could undermine its legal validity and undo the hard work of our lawyers. This is why we deliver your contract to you in a read-only format. You will, of course, be able to read, save and print the contract.

Yes. Unfortunately, the established online payment protocols don't allow for payment in any form other than by means of a credit card.

Don’t worry, banks are difficult to deal with at the best of times. Even before you pay, we save your answers and information so that you're protected if there is a problem with payment.

If your credit card isn’t going through and you have tried following the instructions displayed in the payment error messages, just send us an email through our CONTACT US page and we’ll make a plan to arrange for payment and the delivery of your document.

The most likely explanation is that you don’t have Adobe Reader installed on your computer. Download it by using the following link Get Adobe and then try opening your contract again. If your contract still doesn’t open, it may be that your computer is saving the file to your desktop or document folders. Try opening the file from its saved location.

If your computer is still refusing to cooperate, then email us using our CONTACT US page. We’ll sort the problem out for you.

You’re getting a wealth of legal experience, professional expertise and a carefully crafted contract for a fraction of what a law firm would charge you. For contracts of the quality and complexity of those available on our website, most law firms would charge you in the region of R5 000 to R20 000.

If your computer is still refusing to cooperate, then email us using our CONTACT US page. We’ll sort the problem out for you.

Things change, people make mistakes and not everyone is the same. If you want to make changes to your contract, there are two safe options:

  • Use our website to generate a new contract that takes account of your new circumstances; or
  • Get a lawyer to make the changes you need. This shouldn’t cost much because the lawyer will be working with your completed contract. In most cases, nothing more than minor changes or a short addendum will be required.

Either way, you’ll be saving yourself a huge amount of money.

Because your computer or connection may sometimes give problems which interrupt access to our site, we "remember" what you were doing before the interruption occurred and when you next connect to our site, you will automatically be taken to that point. This saves you having to re-type all your information. However, if you prefer to start a fresh document just click "HOME" to return to our home page.

Please note that we will only "remember" your information if:

  • You are using the same computer and the same browser as you were when the problem occurred;
  • You have not cleared your browser cache since the problem occurred; and
  • Less than 24 hours has elapsed since the problem occurred.


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Tarn Hodson - BA (Rhodes), LLB(UCT)

Tarn Hodson

BA (Rhodes), LLB(UCT)

LawUnlocked Customer Service

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Jenny Williams
I had one or two questions with regard to completing a domestic employment contract and the assistance was amazing, thank you for your help.

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Steven Williams
Law unlocked is amazing.  We have used a few different agreements in our FinTech company. You get a high quality, customised and professional agreement in minutes without the hassle of briefing a lawyer and at a fraction of the cost.

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Boris Bubla
Electro-Mechanical Eng UCT - This looks like a great legal website, as it combines all the benefits of doing something online, but with the same solid legal support one would get from a traditional law firm.

I have known the LawUnlocked team for many years.  They are competent, dedicated and passionate about providing the best service possible to their clients.

Dr Antje Berlin - Executive Coach at BerlinCoaching

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