It is like having a lawyer in your Laptop

Richard van Helden

Getting To Know YouFirst we need to get to know you

A journey begins with the first step. So choose your contract and settle in for a process of discovery. We don't believe in forcing square blocks into round holes. We want to understand precisely your individual situation and the details of your transaction. We will collect this information from you by leading you through a step-by-step online interview that will ask you for the information we need to complete your contract.

Helping you outHelping you out

There's no such thing as a stupid question. To help you along the way you'll find quick hints, as well as detailed help and feedback on each question. Not sure about something? Just float your mouse over a question for a quick hint or click on the "help" button next to each of the questions to get the full story.

Delivering resultsDelivering results

Time to make sure we're all on the same page. Now that you're done with the online interview, we can show you the information that we've gathered from you. You can check the information and, because nobody's perfect, we let you change any mistakes you might have made along the way.

The clever bitThe clever bit

This is where it all comes together. Using the brains behind the beauty, we dynamically combine the information gathered from you with meticulously selected legal clauses to build your customised contract. It's a bit like putting together tiny pieces of a big puzzle.

Yes, we know you'll want a sneak peak of the end result, so we'll display a preview of your unique contract. No surprises here.


Financial realities mean we've got to charge you. You can, however, rest assured that you're getting a wealth of legal experience, professional expertise and a carefully crafted contract for less than most lawyers charge for a phone call.

Covering your backCovering your back

Our payment and delivery system is the best available on the market today. It's covered by industry-leading "SSL" security like that used for all internet banking.

Signed, sealed & deliveredSigned, sealed & delivered

The i's are dotted, the t's are crossed and it's ready to sign. Your contract comes to you hot off the press, fully completed and in PDF format. We even include instructions to help you sign and use your unique contract.

It's like having a lawyer in your laptop.